Family of the Month June

When the families of Fundacion Pro Integracion gather on Saturdays to provide social interaction and support for their handicapped member and for one another, Benita makes sure that her oldest child is there to join in. Ana Elizabet was born 19 years ago with cerebral palsey. Although she is wheelchair-bound and cannot speak, Ana understands what people tell her and responds with a smile and wonderfully expressive eyes. She is a portrait in joy.

Ana and her four younger brothers and parents live in a one room house for which they pay rent and electricity. The other biggest expense, besides the anti-seizure medicine Ana must have twice each day, is food to feed the family. Benita explains that the food Buenos Vecinos de Boquete (BVB) provides each month helps them meet those needs and they truly appreciate it.


Family of the Month March

Family of the Month

Meet Abraham and His Family

In the Volcancito area, Abraham and his wife Felicidata raise a large family with kids ranging from eighteen to three years old. Abraham works as a maintenance man at a nearby business, and Felicidata handles the domestic work of this big family. The older children attend school, and get good grades they proudly tell me!

Felicidata admits that with eight children, not all of them favor the nutritious Manna pack provided by Buenos Vecinos de Boquete, but that most of them enjoy it, and she believes the product contributes to the overall good health of her family. The other food items contributed by Buenos Vecinos are eagerly anticipated each month.

Pictured in the photo are Abraham and Felicidata and their children: Daira (18), Edgar and Belisario (13 and 12), the twins Marzuela and Macario (11), Rene (9), sweet little Christina (7) and baby Abraham, a growing 3 year old.

If you would like to help families like this and the efforts of Buenos Vecinos de Boquete, your financial support would be most appreciated.

DONATE ONLINE: http://www.buenosvecinosdeboquete.com/how-you-can-help
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IF YOU PREFER TO DONATE BY CASH, Please contact Louise Orr (panamaleo@gmail.com) for arrangements.

When you make that important decision to help feed the less fortunate in our community, you have truly become a “good neighbor”. When you donate $360 a year or $30 a month (about the cost of a daily latte), your name will be added to our “Coconut Foundation” as an acknowledgement of your concern and generosity.

Buenos Vecinos de Boquete’s wholesale purchase power enables us to furnish our clients more food than they could purchase on their own in the store with the same amount of money.

Thank you!


Family of the Month August 2017

Meet Eva and Her Famiy


Even though Eva was pregnant with her second child, she was very excited a few months ago when she found a job cleaning once a week in Potrerillos, a short bus ride from her home.  With a little training she became quite proficient.  Her employer found her to be a diligent worker and an enjoyable companion. But with the recent birth of her daughter, Sophia, Eva could no longer work and provide a little income to help support Henry, her six year-old son, herself and the baby.  The children’s father does not help them and has moved from the area, so Eva has turned to Buenos Vecinos for the non-perishable food we supply on a monthly basis.

Eva and her little family share a three-room zinc-sided dirt-floor house with her cousin Marina, who has three children (but also no support) and with her aunt and uncle and their four children. The house has no indoor water or electricity.  But Eva has plans; she wants to learn a little English, gather more experience and eventually secure more housekeeping jobs. She hopes to someday build her own tiny bamboo house next to her aunt and uncle’s dwelling.  But for now, she is just grateful to have the housing assistance from her extended family and food from BVB.

Buenos Vecinos de Boquete depends on your support to feed and nourish families like Eva’s


Family of the Month July 2017

Meet Elibia

Buenos Vecinos de Boquete provides non-perishable food on a monthly basis to over 100 families and individuals. Included in that count are 58 clients who additionally receive the services of the Handicapped Foundation (Fundacion Pro Integracion). Pictured here (in blue) is Elibia during a home visit by FPI volunteer Loesje.

Elibia was born with autism, cerebral palsy and a seizure disorder. She is now 16, and lives with her mother, several siblings and an extended family. Her father is deceased.

The food provided by Buenos Vecinos de Boquete (BVB) takes some of the financial pressure off Elibia’s family, who are obviously burdened with the care of this young woman. This food is also nutritionally valuable to the family, particularly with many children to feed. Fundacion Pro Integracion (FPI) steps in with physical therapy, necessary medical transportation, and assistance with medicine. Together our two organizations address critical needs of some of the community’s most needy members. We hope you will decide to support our efforts.