Buenos Vecinos de Boquete relies exclusively on the generosity of our community to deliver sustaining food packages to the Boquete area’s neediest families. The cost of one food portion is $40. Large families receive additional groceries. We ask your support to continue serving over 100 families each month.

Important! Every dollar donated to Buenos Vecinos de Boquete is used to purchase food for our monthly deliveries.

Donate online. We use PayPal for easy and secure transactions.

  • Monthly Gift ~ your gift of $40 or more helps feed a family of 4~5 people for a year. Simply choose the recurring gift option on PayPal.
  • One Time Gift ~ please give what you can afford to help continue our work
  • Tribute Gift ~ make a donation in honor of or in memory of a friend or family member

If you prefer to donate by cash or local check, please visit our table in the Arco Iris building at the BCP Tuesday Market (across from TapOut), or contact us at

You can make automatic monthly payments using PayPal


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