Family of the Month November, 2021

Itzel’s Family

 Itzel's Family

It is with great pleasure that we are able to share this month’s featured family with you.  This spotlighted family has been a humble client since February 2021. Their family struggles began just before the pandemic hit the world and once the pandemic hit Panama, they have been looking for silver linings and avenues that lead them to better times.

Amongst their silver linings, this family of seven, has been gratefully enjoying Buenos Vecinos’ monthly visits and food deliveries to offset their difficult times.  The children look forward to the warm greetings and the friendly exchanges they all receive when Megan, our amazing team member, delivers the food supplies.   Megan has gained the trust and the appreciation of this family, who has been struggling to find stable housing and work.

The father, Francisco, is rarely with the family, which leaves part-time working mother, Itzel, to single-handedly care for her five children.  Itzel, who is a 34-years old food server at a local restaurant, is doing everything she can to be able to establish a stable home for her family.  Due to the housing woes, Itzel is thankful for the help and the kindness Buenos Vecinos offers her and, more importantly, that we have shined on her children.  Itzel hopes her hard work and grit will inspire her children to hit the books and have a happy life.  The hope for her children is not for great wealth, but one where her struggles mean they struggle less when they are navigating their own adult lives.  Both parents understand, “The school books are keys to the children’s future.”

Buenos Vecinos and the parents truly believe, food is life, as it is the fuel these children need to stay healthy and focused on their scholastic endeavors!

Now, meet these beautiful children who, like most, go to school and enjoy playing games with each other and their friends.  Dilan (16 years old) is a high school student and he is also employed by a bus transit company in Boquete.  He helps his mom with the finances and the babysitting.  Tatiana (13 years old) keeps her head in the books and she also helps with the younger siblings.  Kevin (11 years old) is trying to keep up with his older brother, which keeps him busy and challenged..  Kathia (8 years old), who was initially upset that she was no longer the spoiled baby of the family, is now showing her baby brother, Johan Leandro (1 year old), all about life!  She is proving to be a great “big sister.”

Our November Family of the Month  reminds our team members exactly why Buenos Vecinos is so important to the Boquete community and why we are fortunate to be able to serve this family  and all our BVB families!

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