What We Do

What We Do

Buenos Vecinos de Boquete (Good Neighbors of Boquete) is a small all-volunteer group that provides non-perishable food every month to about one hundred individuals and families in the greater Boquete area. The majority of these recipients are single moms, elderly without family support, handicapped individuals, or families struggling to support a handicapped family member. They represent some of the most vulnerable members of our community.

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Families of the Month

  • Family of the Month October 2022
    Family of the Month- Raul’s Family Up a treacherous road through three running rivers are the two bamboo houses that Raul, 36 years old, his brother Oscar, and Emilio his brother-in-law built when Raul inherited this little tract of land two years Read More......
  • Family of the Month September 2022
    Though he does not own this rambling cattle ranch, Luis manages it for an absentee owner who pays him only $180 a month. Luis and his family care for the herd, clear the fallen trees, mend fences, and maintain the property using two horses. There is Read More......
  • Family of the Month August 2022
        Three generations of Martin’s family live in this small one-room cement block house. Supplied by his employer at a citrus farm/processor, this structure is home to Martin and his wife Marielena, their seven children, ages two months to Read More......
  • Family of the Month June 2022
    When we first presented Benilda and her eight children in April 2020, the six-school-age children were excited that they had just begun the school year with new school supplies furnished by an “angel”. Within a few days, however the schools were Read More......
  • Family of the Month May 2022
          Change has been difficult for everyone these past two and half years.  But it is especially hard for  children who have lost parents who were breadwinners.  Esther is only thirteen, but she and her three siblings miss their dad Read More......
  • Family of the Month April 2022
        Jacinto and Paulina can give their kids the basics, a hot meal of rice and beans, often twice a day, and a warm dry place to sleep. Even better, they give them love and affection, a sense of security and protection, and a future they Read More......
  • Family of the Month March 2022
    Eva is the matriarch of a large family of nineteen people. She has three daughters, two sons, eleven grandchildren, her husband and her elderly mother. Eighteen of them all live together in a small block house with an added room made of sheets of Read More......
  • Family of the Month February, 2022
    BVB Family of the Month February 2022 At the foot of a densely-forested hillside stands a small twelve by sixteen-foot wooden cabin. This is where thirty-four year-old Jose and Rufina, his twenty-four year-old wife live with their six children. Read More......
  • Marcelina’s FamilyFamily of the Month January, 2022
    Marcelina’s Family! It is an absolute pleasure to share with you, Marcelina’s Family! It is always a joyful experience to arrive at Marcelina’s humble one room wooden structure. The three younger children always give us an exuberant greeting. Read More......
  • Itzel's FamilyFamily of the Month November, 2021
    Itzel’s Family It is with great pleasure that we are able to share this month’s featured family with you.  This spotlighted family has been a humble client since February 2021. Their family struggles began just before the pandemic hit the Read More......
  • Family of the Month August 2020
    Denis’ Family Three years ago when Denis was thirty-five years old her husband died suddenly leaving behind their five children for her to raise by herself. Nick, now seventeen, Derek fifteen, Anderson thirteen, Fred nine, and Dafny six years old Read More......
  • Family of the Month July 2020
    Brayen’s Family When Briseida was twelve-years old, her mother Raquel gave birth to a baby boy she named Brayen. Two months later the infant contracted meningitis and was taken to a Panama City hospital where he slipped into a coma. Weeks later when Read More......
  • Family of the Month June 2020
    Valeria’s Family There was excitement and anticipation in the air as Valeria’s children prepared to begin a new school year on March 3rd. Months of saving every dollar, and combining it with the government’s small education subsidy was finally Read More......
  • Manuel's FamilyFamily of the Month May 2020
    Manuel’s Family What Manuel lacks in height and weight he makes up in character, heart and humility. Now sixty-two, he has always been the sole income provider for his family. His wife Florentina stays home to care for their two-year old Read More......
  • Family of The Month Update April, 2020 
    Benilda and Her Family   When six-year old Jahicha met us a year and a half ago she told us to “say her name right”. Zha-he’-cha, she insisted with a smile.  She told us how excited she was to be joining her brothers and sisters at school the Read More......
  • December 2019 Family of the Month
    Meet Marcelina’s Family Tucked away in the remote highlands is a one room 12X12 foot wooden structure. Marcelina and her six children call this humble dwelling home. When we arrived for the first food delivery only the three younger children, Read More......
  • September 2019 Family of the Month
    Jon’s Family Four-year old Jon is still too little to join his five brothers on the long walk to school each day, but he is eagerly looking forward to next year when he can dress in a white shirt, long pants, and put on his first pair of real Read More......
  • Family of the Month Update August, 2019
    Diana’s Family It’s gratifying to revisit our clients and to see their progress over the years. Many have either moved up to become financially self-sufficient or have simply moved out of the Buenos Vecinos service area. Diana is an example of Read More......
  • Family of the Month- April 2019
    Meet Mariano’s Family   Mariano lives with his mother Iris and four siblings in a two room house provided by the government.  It has no indoor bath room, no indoor water and no electricity.  Iris struggles to feed and clothe her children, ages Read More......
  • March 2019 Family of the Month
    Amado’s Family Last November the BVB Newsletter reported that Amado was suffering from a serious stomach disorder that kept him bedridden and unable to work for many weeks. The whole family suffered, and when neighbors alerted us to the Read More......

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    Meet Maritza and Her Family    Little Natalie who has just turned one year old delights the family with her happy nature and easy-going personality. Read more
    Meet the Case Family Catalina and Amado live in a house of wood and tin on a dirt road amid the sugar cane fields.  In Read more
    Meet Yeisel and her Family Yeisel, eleven years old, lives with her parents and four siblings in a modest house on the coffee farm where Read more
    Meet Benilda´s Family A large tree hides this bamboo house from the road and the outside play area is worn down to the dirt by Read more
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    Family of the Month Meet Abraham and His Family In the Volcancito area, Abraham and his wife Felicidata raise a large family with kids ranging Read more
    Meet Eva and Her Famiy   Even though Eva was pregnant with her second child, she was very excited a few months ago when she Read more
    Meet Elibia Buenos Vecinos de Boquete provides non-perishable food on a monthly basis to over 100 families and individuals. Included in that count are 58 clients who additionally receive Read more