Family of the Month August 2018

Families care for one another and, in this case, a strong woman has stepped forward to care for two generations of family members. Elidia takes care of her daughter and her two grandchildren, Osiris, a 13 year-old girl, and Noel, an 8 year-old boy. All three suffer from developmental delays. Elidia also raised her husband’s youngest children from his previous marriage after his wife passed away, and now Elidia helps care for two of their children. Elidia’s husband is a trusted worker on the finca where the owner provides this family of nine a two room house with running water. The finca is an ideal setting for these four youngsters to explore and to play together. Osriris and Noel receive their formal education with the assistance of a teacher for the handicapped but, because their developmental delays are so severe, there is little advancement. Elidia also makes sure they have social activities and educational stimulation every Saturday at Fundacion Pro Integracion (FPI) also known as the Handicap Center. Buenos Vecinos works closely with FPI to make sure Elidia and her family get their monthly allotment of non-perishable food, and she expresses her gratitude for the help BVB provides.

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