Family of the Month January, 2022

Marcelina’s Family!

 Marcelina’s Family

It is an absolute pleasure to share with you, Marcelina’s Family!

It is always a joyful experience to arrive at Marcelina’s humble one room wooden structure. The three younger children always give us an exuberant greeting. Recently, we were treated with a demonstration of how to ride a vine secured between two trees. The three older boys are usually away working to earn money to help the family.

The wooden structure is situated on agricultural property with tomato plants and various vegetables being grown for commercial use. The family doesn’t own the property and they are being allowed to live there. Marcelina is unable to work because she is caring for her children. She doesn’t receive any child support and essentially has no income. The electricity, they use, comes from an extension cord connected to Marcelina’s mother’s house situated nearly 100 meters away.

The six children range in age from five to eighteen years. The oldest son is eighteen and recently graduated from high school. He plans to live with relatives and continue with his education. The youngest, Estaban, is still too young to attend school. Of course, with the covid restrictions, none of the children have attended school in person for almost two years. They, like most children, sure do miss seeing their friends at school.

The value of education, which Marcelina places on all her children, is quite evident. When we first met the family, the twin girls had not attended school yet because Marcelina couldn’t afford to buy shoes for them. Shortly after they started school, the schools were closed because of covid, but the importance of an education is persistently promoted by Marcelina. In fact, upon one visit, Marcelina showed us some samples of the work the girls have been doing. The girls are now able to read and can write in cursive. We were pleasantly surprised to see what they have learned without attending any school. Marcelina has been their only teacher and, boy, has she been doing a fantastic job!

Buenos Vecinos de Boquete is pleased to be able to support this mom and her family. The children are healthy and happy, as they continue to stride forward throughout their educational endeavors.

Marcelina’s family continues to inspire us; which is why they are well-deserving of being honored as this month’s Buenos Vecinos de Boquete Family of the Month!

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