Family of the Month- November 2018

Meet the Case Family

Catalina and Amado live in a house of wood and tin on a dirt road amid the sugar cane fields.  In their early 40’s , they struggle to raise their four school-age children, two boys Jovany 14, Jonny 11 and two girls, Diana 9 and Janeth 5. Recently, this struggle has become even more perilous; in the past few months, Amado has been afflicted with a debilitating stomach disorder which has made it difficult for him to eat and therefore has also made him very weak.  He has needed help to even walk, and so he is currently unable to work to support his family.  Neighbors alerted a Buenos Vecinos member to this serious situation and Buenos Vecinos responded with an immediate provision of non-perishable food. Janeth grabbed the can of KLIM powdered milk and broke into a smile at this unexpected gift.  In addition, Boquete Health and Hospice is providing some medical equipment to assist Amado in his home.

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