Family of the Month September 2018

Meet Benilda´s Family

A large tree hides this bamboo house from the road and the outside play area is worn down to the dirt by many feet. The family who lives here, Benilda and her eight children still miss the father who abandoned them more than a year ago. Benilda struggles to find work, but earns only $50 a month cleaning houses and ironing clothes; $32 of those dollars are already designated for monthly rent and water.

Her oldest child, 18 year-old Alexander, is now in trade school learning how to be an electrician. He wants to help his family, and he is optimistic that he’ll be successful. His sixteen year-old sister, Yamileth, will finish high school next year. She wants to learn accounting so that she can help support the family, as well. Her fourteen year-old sister, Yaneth, has confessed with a smile, her own vision of someday owning a beautiful dress. The other children, Reinaldo, 12, Juan, 10, Jeronimo, 9 and Maria, 7, also attend school.

Six year-old Jhahicha is very excited to start school next year when she will proudly wear a uniform like her brothers and sisters. Until then she spends her days at home with her mother. When Mom works, a sibling stays home with Jhahicha.

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