March 2019 Family of the Month

Amado’s Family

Last November the BVB Newsletter reported that Amado was suffering from a serious stomach disorder that kept him bedridden and unable to work for many weeks. The whole family suffered, and when neighbors alerted us to the situation, Buenos Vecinos stepped in and began to deliver non-perishable food to their door on an emergency basis. Within the last three and a half months, Amado has made a complete recovery. He was able to go back to work in the cane fields because he is once again healthy and strong. His wife, Catalina and his four children, Jovany 14, Jonny 11, Diana 9 and Janeth 5 have also regained their smiles. Amado and Catalina no longer need the food assistance, but they say that they will always remember that Buenos Vecinos helped their family when they needed it most.

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